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'Your own awakening is the greatest service you can render the world' -.- Ramana Maharshi

Need to motivate others to live young?

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Yolande’s story is intrinsic in understanding the ‘whys’ and ‘how’s’ behind ‘Yolande’s philosophy – Live Young’

She has trained as a business performance & behavioural coach, soul centred psychologist, neuro-linguistic programmer (NLP), wellness personal trainer plus a teacher of  yoga & mediation. Yolande has more than 20-years’ experience in personal/business/corporate roles that has taken her across all areas of the corporate sector where she has specialised in developing her clients’ skill, performance and emotional intelligence to achieve unparalleled levels of personal and professional growth. After tow decades at Rusty Surfboards, Yolande established her first wellness centre in 2010  in the heart of CBD Melbourne Australia where she supported her clients to align both professional and lifestyle goals to achieve their souls purpose.

In terms of her own personal journey, Yolande has delved into Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism in Thailand and Nepal, and undergone extensive meditation tuition over a period of 10 years with some of the world’s most respected teachers. She also expanded her coaching into philanthropic activities, including the implementation of meditation and yoga programs at Hakia Prison in Western Australia. Her interest in Shamanic studies and medicine has seen her travel to South America to learn about alternative ways to align spiritually. Her personal journey from childhood into womanhood has been tantamount in creating holistic programs that combines innovative research with the essence of femininity.

Having been through many decades of body, mind and spiritual change Yolande recognises there is very little multidimensional support for women who have a holistic focus and so operating from the principle that the individual has the building block for progress, Yolande shows how personal evolution is more than just growing yourself – it’s about inspiring transformation, awakening and the global community.

As a facilitator, it is difficult to determine the exact characteristics necessary although there are specific areas of functioning which do seem to be important:

  • The development of a good observing ego or witness

  • Constancy of self-perception

  • Differentiation between adapted self-persona and observing self-ego

  • Formulation and execution of clear intentions

  • Capacity to own projections or regressions

  • Emotional stability

  • High anxiety tolerance

  • Differentiation of feelings

  • High frustration tolerance

  • Experience of self-cohesion

  • Differentiation between self and other; clear boundaries

  • Reality based perceptions of others

  • Capacity to accommodate useful new information or experiences for internal structures to change in response to meaningful information or experience rather than holding to an idealised or adapted sense of self

Personal, Business & Corporate roles;

  • Entrepreneur
  • Behavioural & Performance Coach
  • Psychotherapist & Counsellor
  • Wellbeing & Fitness Trainer
  • Training & Development
  • Business Development Manager
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Project Management
  • Research & Development
  • Meditation & Yoga Teacher
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Corporate Wellness

  • Spiritual Development

Professional Membership/Registration

  • Member of the Association of Soul Centred Psychotherapists Inc. ASCP (Constituent member association of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Inc. – PACFA)

  • ICF – International Coaching Federation

  • ICC – International Coaching Community

  • KYTZA – Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aust & NZ

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