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Kind Words

Yolande provided so much knowledge on how the body works thus enabling me a greater understanding as to why my current approaches had not worked. The results I gained from her coaching program has given me greater energy, greater efficiency at work with sharper mind, clarity of thinking, increased strength and fitness. I have transformed into a fit, strong, vibrant and confident person and I now have more energy to spend with the kids, and more confidence in how I look. STOKED 🙂

Suzie Jamieson

I honestly feel empowered and like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. My symptoms being such things as complete tiredness and lethargy (even though some nights I would sleep up to 9 or 10 hrs), forgetfulness, poor digestion, occasional fogginess and mild memory loss, weight gain and somewhat unhealthy looking and feeling skin, hair, nails. I now have the knowledge to improve upon my health and wellbeing by making different choices in relation to my diet, exercise and general health. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that I am now in control of my health and my future. I really feel empowered. Thank you, Yolande for the knowledge and the clarity!

Anastasia IndiaAnastasia India

I have engaged Yolande Hart as a Coach since 2004, and her vast knowledge plus life experience enables her to explain in depth knowledge in such a manner that it is easily understood. She has coached me and helped me to understand myself and thus accomplish more success in my life both personal and business .

Siobhan NevilleSiobhan Neville

My life has changed in so many ways – mentally, physically, spiritually, romantically, and the biggest most rewarding change for me is that I feel so much more love and respect for self. I feel good about me and who I am now. Finally, I feel like I am stepping into the ME I want to be. I loved all my time with Yolande and now consider her a dear friend. She is such a lovely soul and spirit and has such a brilliant body of information to share and is a walking testament to the program she has so loving put together.

Lisa CorserLisa Corser
Yolande has guided me with outstanding information, which has now motivated to take action and make changes. I finally have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to achieve my goals. I can’t thank Yolande enough for her guidance and support, as her wealth of knowledge is a vast well.
Susan ThompsonSusan Thompson
Yolande is a realist and gives you real attainable goals. I never felt pushed or berated when I slipped up as Yolande has a way of turning slip ups into a positive that helps you to keep moving forward. Having her to be accountable to each week really helped me stay on track. I lost 11 kilos in 7 weeks but more importantly I gained knowledge about my body and hormones and how to eat and exercise for my personal signature. I am now healthier, happier and the lightest weight I have been in years.
Helena BattagliaHelena Battaglia
Yolande looks amazing which inspired me to hire her as my coach making me believe in her program. This program helped me become confident with my body. I feel strong and sexy and for me, that’s worth every penny. I say go for it. Sure, the journey has its personal challenges, but you will get amazing results. My friends are constantly complimenting me, telling me how amazing I look and I tell them I have amazing personal coach that has helps me with every step.
Sylvia KnoxSylvia Knox

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