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Hello my name is Yolande Hart and I am a Personal Business Coach + Clinical Psychotherapist who provides holistic services. Drawing from a range of therapeutic modalities to respond to individual needs, you will find my approach person centric. Together we will engage mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of self to achieve a healthy & inspired way of being.
I am a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Other qualifications include a 4-year Diploma in Psychotherapy and Transpersonal & Behavioural Psychology, Diplomas in Business Management, Cert VI Training & Development, Personal Fitness Coach, plus other training certifications. During my professional training of four years and beyond I have journeyed through my own personal healing process to better understand the therapeutic landscape and how to hold an authentic space.    My work includes providing psychotherapy for those suffering from adult from childhood trauma + PTSD.
I have a strong background in coaching the business & corporate sectors that spans over 30 years. During this time, I have had multiple roles in various reputable firms, that have included business development manager, resident coach & counsellor, trainer and motivational speaker to name a few. A couple of my achievements within these fields was to introduce life skill & training programs following best HR practices to boost overall wellness & performance of team members thus impacting positively on the companies’ bottom line. Developing a strong company culture that valued effective communication, fostered meaningful & collaborative co-working relationships.

‘Invest in your employees happiness and they will invest their energy & passion into your business’

I also created a unique wellness training program for women over 36 suffering from health challenges, helping them find their rhythm that includes everything from stress management to nutrition, weight loss and inner connection. As a whole, these programs where aimed at helping my clients to find the confidence to manage their professional and personal lives in healthy and proactive way.
In my free time, I enjoy sculpture, music and travel as well as yoga, dance and personal development. I have also expanded my coaching and therapeutic work into philanthropic activities, including the implementation of a 3-year meditation and yoga program at Hakia Prison in Western Australia.

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Our Holistic Approach

My personal journey from childhood into womanhood motivated me to create holistically focussed programs that combine innovative research with the essence of tenderness. Having been through many decades of body, mind and spiritual change I’ve come to recognize & value the need for multidimensional support that is holistic focus.

The holistic approach I have adopted into my work is heavily influenced by my own personal journey into Psychology, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Buddhism, Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness Training over the past 30 years with some of the world’s most respected teachers.

What I have learned from working with clients is that therapy grounded in a holistic person-centred approach is the most enriching. This approach takes into account your mental & emotional states, and encourages you to consider relationship, lived experience, lifestyle, habits, goals, mindset, spiritual, dreams and symbology. It is by understanding deeply what hinders, motivates and inspire you as an individual, that together we can customise the best possible strategies using effective modalities to help you achieve both personal and professional aspirations.

This is what I term centred living, which looks closely at the individual’s path to finding meaning and purpose. It rests in the belief that each person has within them what they need to live fulfilling lives, which can be revealed to them as they learn more about themselves and lead with trust in their own potential. My hope is that in working with me you will discover that personal liberation is more than just growing yourself – it’s about knowing yourself.

The following is a list of modalities I am trained in and draw inspiration from:
• Psychology – Applied (Jungian)
• Behavioural (Function & Qualities)
• Humanistic (Holistic Centred)
• Energy Psychology (Energy Systems)
• Thought Matrix Meridian Therapy (TMMT)
• Energetic Chakra System Clearing (TFT)
• Bi-Lateral Stimulation Process (EMDR)
• Somatic Experiencing Body Attention
• Kinesiology Neurological Disorders
• Soulful Presence Counselling
• Inner Family Systems
• CBT Cognitive (Thought)
• Mindfulness
• Hypnosis (Trance)


Women in Business

As an entrepreneur I am dedicated to supporting women become successful in seeking out their unique talents and resourcefulness. This is a passion that I have pursued for over 30 years made possible by supporting an entrepreneurial mindset. Coaching is an extraordinarily powerful methodology for effecting change in individuals, teams and organisations. It is highly effective because it is based on deeply grounded and practical understandings of all aspects of communication, conversations and language for behavioural and cultural transformation. In my role as a leadership coach, I have mentored women who lack confidence in their professional spheres enabling them to discovering hidden skills, whilst building trust in themselves and their abilities.

To do this successfully my main focus is on facilitating the cultivation of a strong self-identity as a woman in a leadership role. Together we collaborate in a partnership to help you determine the goals, challenges and opportunities, and resources required for self & your business. Other skills include; effective leadership, communication styles, hiring your tribe, coaching your team, improving productivity, interpersonal skills, and finding a balance between work and personal life. This enables you to show up authentically having gained deep self-awareness, enhanced confidence, and an aptitude for creativity and learning. My clients have shared that my mentoring and coaching programs have helped them make tough businesses decisions with confidence that has helped propelled them towards personal & business success. My aim has always been to help women identify their challenges in business, professionally and personally so they can overcome all roadblocks in a creative and inspiring way. This allows women to become more empowered to tackle challenges in an authentic way whilst uplifting others in their immediate circle and beyond.

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Holistic Coaching

A coach helps facilitates personal growth to bringing about a brighter future. Our way of being can be thought of as the internal reality we live in, which includes the relationship we have with ourselves. This is a dynamic interplay between different spheres of human existence – thoughts, emotions, physiology (body posture), language, beliefs, and actions. It is from this internal reality that we form our reality about the external world and how we participate in it. Our perceptions and attitudes, many of which may be deep seated and out of awareness, exist in our way of being in the world. Change in these perceptions, attitudes and beliefs can result in the removal of significant barriers to personal development and the spontaneous development of more effective patterns of behavior and communication. Holistic Coaching offers a way to live and work with deep satisfaction, meaning and fulfilment. The primary purpose of coaching is to bring you closer to being the best and most authentic version of yourself. This process is practical and solution-oriented, so you are able to access optimism about your future.

Here are the areas that I provide coaching in:
• Increase your confidence and self-belief
• Create a vision for a life you will love
• Understand your unique values and strengths
• Overcome your self-limiting beliefs
• Improve your relationships
• Manage stress more effectively and develop a greater sense of inner  calm
• Improve your health and wellbeing
• Understand the importance of self-care and prioritising time for  yourself.
• Create a healthy relationship with money
• Discover new creative interests (even if you don’t feel particularly  creative)
• Spiritual Development

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Centered Therapy

Centred therapy is most famous for its holistic approach in helping people find meaning and increase self-awareness to better understand yourself and the world around you. This means that both body (somatic senses) and mind (cognitive senses) are engaged in counselling and treatment simultaneously. We endeavour to connect with and help align each of these aspects enabling you to experience wellbeing and life satisfaction.
For a centred approach, the ultimate aim is to increase self-awareness and intuition while making peace with traumatic experiences of the past. This helps to move on from past trauma in a healthy and resolute way towards a healthier mind and body.
The focus of centred therapy is always the individual, and the holistic guidance is here to help the client approach emotions, thoughts and energies that can have them feeling burdened – like anxiety, guilt, anger, depression, shame and loss. No one technique is universally appropriate as everyone’s experiences are unique, so together we focus on using the most appropriate tools to meet your specific needs.
The holistic element in this treatment has proven to be successful in helping clients develop healthy coping mechanisms as it enriches self-awareness and acceptance. It also teaches clients how to be better at communicating their needs, which ultimately helps people with issues such as anxiety, fear, stress, depression as well as other issues that emerge. 

Centred therapy is beneficial for those experiencing the following:
• Adult Childhood Trauma / Abuse
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Trauma / Attachment Issues / Loneliness
• Anxiety / Panic Attacks / Depression / Anger Management
• Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders
• Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders
• Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Relationship / Divorce / Separation / Couples Therapy
• Fear / Withdrawal / Pleaser Loss / Self – Esteem Issues
• Perfectionism / High Achiever / Procrastinator
• Life Transitions / Chronic Fatigue / Sleep Problems
• Grief / Loss / Bereavement
• Sexual difficulties

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Online Therapy

Given the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) all over the world, multiple businesses have shifted their services online. You will be happy to know that we at yolandehart.com are one of these companies and will now continue to offer online therapeutic services to clients.
Here are a few frequently asked questions about online therapy or online counselling with their respective answers.

Receiving therapy online is exactly the same as receiving therapy face-to-face with your therapist. All the same ethical regulations will be adhered to, and the same level of attention and care will be granted to teach client.

There are two ways that you can get in touch with your therapist. First is a private conversation exchange that works similarly to email. The other is a live chat box that allows you to speak with your therapist in real time. Note that the time duration for an in-person session and an online session will be exactly the same.

The statistics suggest that they are both equally beneficial to people for all sorts of concerns and problems that are brought to the therapists’ attention. In fact, some find having a digital footprint of their exchange with their therapist to be useful later on for self-reflection.

To get started with online counseling, you will require an internet or broadband connection, a tablet, smart phone or laptop for your virtual session and a platform such as skype or zoom for you to have the session on. You may also want to invest in a camera or microphone that works – usually a smart device such as laptop or smartphone with WhatsApp comes equipped with these items or features.

After setting a date and time in consultation with your therapist, the only preparation you will need to do before your virtual therapy session is to find a comfortable, private space where you can speak freely with your counselor. This space should ideally be rid of any distractions for the duration of your session for it to be a fruitful exercise.

Requires 24 hours’ notice required unless in the case of an emergency.



Business Coaching 60-minute session: $110 
Personal Coaching 75-90 minutes: $70
Counseling Session: $50
(Fees have been lowered to assist during Covid)


I will be happy to provide you with a receipt that you may file with your insurance company to request reimbursement.

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My work includes providing counseling for those suffering from (ACE) Adverse Childhood Trauma, plus I also have a strong background in coaching the corporate and business sectors that spans over 30 years.
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